Reducing agitation through early detection of distress

Our smart socks will help those caring for people experiencing communication difficulties to reduce distress. The familiar design of the smart socks is intended to increase acceptance and adherence for people who find wearables overly complex, uncomfortable, and/or stigmatising.

  • Recognises early signs of distress
  • Alerts carers when there is an increased risk of agitation
  • Machine washable with no need to recharge

Used by people with dementia, autism spectrum disorders, and some learning disabilities, the smart socks generally improve quality of life, reduce agitation, decrease burden on families and carers, and save costs for health and social care.

Inspired by personal experience

Milbotix founder Zeke Steer conceived of the smart socks after witnessing his great grandmother’s journey with dementia and escalating agitation and aggression. Read more about our story.

For social care organisations

Jacqui Arnold, Head of Customer Experience at Milbotix, explains how the Milbotix smart socks could help people working within social care organisations to reduce distress and agitation.