SmartSocks®DISCOVERY    Real-Time Physiological Data Capture for Research

Real-Time Physiological Data Capture for Research

SmartSocks®DISCOVERY has been designed to provide researchers into human health and neurocognitive diseases such as dementia with a data collection platform to enable them to unobtrusively collect data from wearers that find wrist and other wearables irritating or even frightening and remove them.

SmartSocks®DISCOVERY gathers real-time data on electrodermal activity, heart rate and heart rate variability, skin temperature, and motion. They are comfortable and machine washable at 30 degrees C.

SmartSocks®DISCOVERY Comprises:

  • five (5) hand washable SmartSocks®
  • two removable sensors for continuous data collection
  • a wired charger
  • socks designed to withstand up to 50 machine washes at 30°C when washed in a laundry bag (provided)
  • a removable sensor which contains: an optical heart rate sensor (PPG), optical skin temperature sensor, electrodermal activity sensor, 6-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU)
  • 16-hour battery life between chargers
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth™ connectivity (Bluetooth is omitted in the initial release but will eventually provide a real-time streaming capability).
  • persistent storage to buffer data for up to 3 hours if Wi-Fi connectivity is lost or unavailable
  • a web dashboard for sock status, data visualisation and CSV downloads.
  • an API to connect with other software systems.
  • unlimited data storage for historical data sessions
  • free over-the-air firmware updates
  • a 12-month warranty on the sensor unit
  • an online user training package
  • 9-5 (GMT) technical support for a one year

For more information on SmartSocks®DISCOVERY please see the DISCOVERY Datasheet and Technical Specification.

Anticipated ship date November 2024